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Color me Black

So you went to college, got your degree, played by all the rules, but didn’t get the job! Qualified, but now what?


This story starts with a colleague applying for a position within a local school system for which, for all intense purpose seems to be qualified for the position, but a failed attempt, in a community that is more than 80% AA and a school that is over 90% AA. A position previously held by a White male and ECU graduate. Our colleague, a Black female and NC A&T graduate.

Support New Voices/New Vision hiring of an HBCU Alumni

You may ask, why is this important? This is the new face of discrimination that keeps us from having allies within the system that continually fails our children and our communities. It is not enough that this community is led by an all-Black city council and Mayor when the real day to day work needed with our children sees us excluded.

HBCU: Helping Black Millenials Get Hired

So how do we build experience and jobs that benefit the community and provides new and enrich learning experiences that most of our children can relate to. This morning my child had a field trip that he was excited about as it was at a local college. The production, “Annie”. While I am sure that the production and the play experience provided some entertainment, a story of an Orphan and a dog? Why has the college repeated this production year after year, except for the financial benefits of low cost in repetition.  Its time for the college like the local High School as well as the Arts Council to show some new blood and groom some new exciting talent. Instead of putting resources into the same pockets year after year. Why has there never been a POC as director of the Arts Council? Or instructor on the High School level? Theses are serious barriers that in 2018 are questionable.

I want to support ZOOMAN and the sign in ENC (Eastern North Carolina)

Exactly, who is our team?

People like you, that live in the community of ENC!

See our work in the community?

The Meeting (Jeff Stetson)

A fictitious meeting that was suppose to take place before the assassination of Malcolm X

Where does your money go? Directly to creating theatrical productions. Our initial 1993 summer production of Purlie Victorious was produced with an initial $500 grant from the local arts council. Your money goes to creating theatrical opportunities right here in the community of ENC!

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