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We need your help!

Ronn Kool Shedrick

91′ Director of Development

What a great show! Available on our YouTube channel…


We are hoping that the second time around is a charm. Our experience has taught us that Theatre is a group effort and as such we  look to the community to be that group. Here are some of our needs administratively to be the backbone for core board members:

  • Financial secretary – Theses duties require reports once a month and initial meeting with financial institution.

  • Marketing chief  – as it sounds is in charge of making sure our marketing strategy with both corporate, small business and individual donors is adhere to in a professional manner,.

  • Social media admin makes use of social media and press to spread the word of our performances and mission.

  • Writer – handles writing and editing of material for public display

Our meetings will be held once a month contingent on availability. Thanks to the internet theses task can be performed remotely!


Ronn is an SAG actor making his home in ENC and is the Gounder and Artistic Producer for New Voices/New Vision



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What the Heck Is Bluetooth and Why Should I Care?

Social Media shows it’s worth

This morning I found myself literally with tears of joy as I began to realize how fortunate we were, so very fortunate as it dawn on me the impact that social media had on saving and helping so many in their time of need. You may only use the social media Facebook via your smart phone to chat with old and new friends, sell items in online yards sales but you have only begun to harness the power of the internet and social media.

Our schools have already made it an integral part of educating our youth with new apps such as ClassDojo and Class messenger to keep parents up to date with their student homework and general information. iPads are replacing books, good or bad, you and your child will have to get on Board and financial expenses for WiFi will become mandatory!

Not only providing connections to fiends and family, here are some useful apps  tools

  1. InnoCaption  This app is great for those that have a hearing problem or if you like to keep a log of your business or legal conversation.

  2. GasBuddy On a budget or trying to save? Get the lowest prices on gas!

  3. Flashlight We all find ourselves in need of a little light at times. Great flashlight from your phone.

  4. ClassDojo Ok got a student in the house? You’ll need to monitor his/her daily behavior and progress

  5. LCPS The school is constantly sending out messages regarding closures and events!

  6. Class Messenger This is the ultimate in communications with your childs teacher. (A must, better than email)

  7. Waze Great navigating tool!

  8. Google Maps Another navigating tool (Standard) with Foogle!

Great for Banking, sending money and receiving money from love ones. Fundraising and a must for small and large businesses. Get on board now and begin to learn how you can save via the internet s it is great for shopping right from home. Need Help?



SOCIAL MEDIA has become the winning edge in today’s job market, as the internet ha become how employers find their talent! Read this, you can thank us later!


COMING to ENC and need a place to stay, for work, school or fun?



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