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Why we choose Zooman

A few years ago I read in horror of a youth in the Kinston, NC community being killed by what some believe was a rouge cop. Many called for justice for this young man. He could have been my son or any of many. In the time since the details have become lost, but the many incidents since then have remained the same. Another incident within the community evolved a high school student, who was not killed by a cop but someone in the community  as his former High School band teacher employed all local organizations to keep our youth busy. He stated. “When he was with me, he was safe!”

The names have changed as well as the locations, but still another Black Man is dead!

About 1 in 1,000 black men and boys in America can expect to die at the hands of police, according to a new analysis of deaths involving law enforcement officers. That makes them 2.5 times more likely than white men and boys to die during an encounter with cops.

The analysis also showed that Latino men and boys, black women and girls and Native American men, women and children are also killed by police at higher rates than their white peers. But the vulnerability of black males was particularly striking


Police departments, especially in urban jurisdictions, are often called on to quell outbreaks of serious violence such as sudden increases in homicides, aggravated assaults and robberies. Inner-city residents and their children usually suffer the most serious harm when violent crime waves occur. Unfortunately, due to a long history of exclusion from important economic and social opportunities, residents of disadvantaged urban neighborhoods are primarily minorities and often black. Research has long documented that most violence occurs within racial groups and that black Americans, often victimized by black offenders, experience disproportionately high levels of violent crime. The term “black-on-black” violence, while statistically correct, is a simplistic and emotionally charged definition of urban violence that can be problematic when used by political commentators, politicians and police executives.

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How to invest

10 investors (groups) of $1,000.00

For more better understanding read this article from the LA TIMES


Below are pictures of our initial meeting for the cast and part crew for Colored  Girls!

Initial night of cast meeting Colored Girls






The below poster was the Major cause of Mutiny of cast and Mr. Raines as he insisted that he have full control and this poster should be used for its color. ( unacceptable to myself and Charles Hanibal)


Image suggested by Clay Raines

This was the poster we had designed by Darell Jorner!

Poster Design Darell Joyner


Mission: to develop opportunities for community theatre that incorporates professional and semi-professional artist and individuals in the area of the arts and technology. To provide entertainment opportunities that enriches lives and brings about a better community. To promote the importance of computer technology awareness, training and accessibility to help bridge the digital divide within our community at large!

Black Culture talk with Robert Hooks

I came along at a time that this man was King of the Hill! The article makes a very good point as its the elite Black community (ie. Pastors, Politicians that does not support the Black Culture in our community….)

Theatre educates and teaches skills to our youth that will help them for a lifetime

Read the interview your self

We look to break that in ENC!   PLEASE SUPPORT

Interview with Robert Hooks




Tribute to a Genius

It’s a shame someone has died so early in Life…RIP Mr. Damien Moye but the reality is so glaring or at least it should be to everyone as much as it is to me. I thank the family that they would included his work with New Voices/New Visions as a part of his program.

We have always trusted theses good people back to his father’s days. Thankful!

Donate in Support of Damien Moye memory and keep it Alive!

To know him was to love him

Damien was a friend and to many of us if you ever got to know him an leader of our community with his wonderfully charismatic sense of humor, which made him the easiest casting Git-Low. I’m not sure anyone else could have pulled off this role so believable.

Damien was part of 19 young student actors, started in a room in the local arts council and went on to Rochelle Middle School with the production of Purlie Victorious.  In that same spirit we will be launching our next production in honor (with a special tribute) to him. Please join us and donate what you can to our next production as we try to raise $1000 to this project of New Voices/New Visions.  We believe it is a worthy project that he would of love to assist. The $1000 is only a part of the $10,000 budget needed to launch the full production. See our investment guide here or contact us to learn more of how you can be a part of this special event.

Please excuse while our imaging program is down

The Kinston community was a special place to him as he visited yearly and was well aware of our plight in the community as highlighted in this video read by Charles Hannibal.

Theatre in the Community!

First summer camp 1991 Ronn Shedrick (Director) Charles Hannibal Set Designer)

Christal Brown (Facilitator)


Mission: to develop opportunities for community theatre that incorporates professional and semi-professional artist and individuals in the area of the arts and technology. To provide entertainment opportunities that enriches lives and brings about a better community. To promote the importance of computer technology awareness, training and accessibility to help bridge the digital divide within our community at large.


Acting is a process that begins before you take that first step on the stage To DO and comes in the order of reading learning lines and action before building a believable character along with a director you trust! Your Theatre life will evolve and grow with practice, even memorizing is a muscle you work

Click here to Support Theatrical Opportunities in ENC

We believe in studying and working with the greats as a means of learning and growing


Ronn comes with many years of real life theatrical experience and is for hire in your organization. He has worked with Lincoln City Theare as well as Joe Papps and NCBLACK REP as a Director of Development!

What talent are we looking for?

The process of a strong production begins way before the lights and first actor steps on stage: Read below if you are interested in being a part of the magic!

The old adage, there is no Theatre without the Box Office has never been more true. Theatre has to have administrator’s, marketing and promotional professionals and a committed Board of Directors to thrive first and foremost. All members are expected to participate in the ongoing promotions (No Exceptions) This article is directed towards the production and touring of those plays!

  1. Director – After a Producer i in place one of the most critical aspects of a play production is the director. He/She provides the essential vision and direction of the play. They are tasked with scheduling all rehearsals and making sure the actors know their lines, cues, exits and entrances.
  2. Stage Manager – is the person charged with running the production after opening night and should be as verse with the production as the director.
  3. Set Designer – Designs set and in most cases are involved in the construction and logistics.
  4. Costume Designer – Must work along with the director in determining the costumes of the character to match the period and writers intentions.
  5. Lights Designer – responsible for placement of lights to slow the actors to be seen and mood and style of the play to be felt.
  6. Sound Designer – responsible for sound relate to allowing the audience to hear and quality recording.
  7. Stage Hands – Responsible for the placement of set pieces and props between scenes, loading and unloading of set in venues.


Color me Black

So you went to college, got your degree, played by all the rules, but didn’t get the job! Qualified, but now what?


This story starts with a colleague applying for a position within a local school system for which, for all intense purpose seems to be qualified for the position, but a failed attempt, in a community that is more than 80% AA and a school that is over 90% AA. A position previously held by a White male and ECU graduate. Our colleague, a Black female and NC A&T graduate.

Support New Voices/New Vision hiring of an HBCU Alumni

You may ask, why is this important? This is the new face of discrimination that keeps us from having allies within the system that continually fails our children and our communities. It is not enough that this community is led by an all-Black city council and Mayor when the real day to day work needed with our children sees us excluded.

HBCU: Helping Black Millenials Get Hired

So how do we build experience and jobs that benefit the community and provides new and enrich learning experiences that most of our children can relate to. This morning my child had a field trip that he was excited about as it was at a local college. The production, “Annie”. While I am sure that the production and the play experience provided some entertainment, a story of an Orphan and a dog? Why has the college repeated this production year after year, except for the financial benefits of low cost in repetition.  Its time for the college like the local High School as well as the Arts Council to show some new blood and groom some new exciting talent. Instead of putting resources into the same pockets year after year. Why has there never been a POC as director of the Arts Council? Or instructor on the High School level? Theses are serious barriers that in 2018 are questionable.

I want to support ZOOMAN and the sign in ENC (Eastern North Carolina)

Exactly, who is our team?

People like you, that live in the community of ENC!

See our work in the community?

The Meeting (Jeff Stetson)

A fictitious meeting that was suppose to take place before the assassination of Malcolm X

Where does your money go? Directly to creating theatrical productions. Our initial 1993 summer production of Purlie Victorious was produced with an initial $500 grant from the local arts council. Your money goes to creating theatrical opportunities right here in the community of ENC!

If you have difficulties or questions Contact us!

A Taste of the Harlem Renaissance



I first stumbled upon Simple created by Langston Hughes during the Harlem Renaissance.  Along with James Baldwin, Hughes was one of the most important writer of his time. Below is a sample of our one person show for your review, consideration and booking. Any question please contact us.








SC 2: A TOAST TO HARLEM                                                               

SC 3: LANDLADIES                                                                               








SC4: LAST WHIPPING