Brand your WiFi Hotspot service with your logo, colors and company info, collect customer data and use them for your advertising campaigns, thanks to WiSpot and its powerful WiFi marketing features.


Allow your customers to write certified reviews about your business and your services and to read the best feedbacks written by others.

You are notified every time a user leaves a comment. You can read the reviews in real time by accessing the web control panel, choosing whether to approve or to discard them as you wish. With a single click tou can also share the best feedbacks on your favorite social network, increasing the visibility of your business.

Social WiFi

allow your customers to get access through their favorite social networks credentials. Thus, you will collect their profile data (name, surname, age, gender, email address) and use them for your marketing campaigns.

User Data Collection

Would you like to have your customers contact details available and send them coupons, offers and promotions?

Persistent Connection

Once your users are connected, they’ll no longer have to deal with passwords or pin codes! Forever (or until you decide).

Whether they reconnect 10 minutes after their first login or one month later, (if their account is still valid) users will be automatically online. without any interruption of service.

Make them feel as if they were connected to their home’s wifi!




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