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This was the last found communication I have discovered from an elder that I felt need to be apart of the archive to future generations as evidence of our rights to our heritage! Our most important reason for developing our site is 1. Advance technology, provide theatrical opportunities and grow generational wealth as a family owned company!

Marketing your business today!

In today’s technology paced world can you really do without marketing on social media? Let’s face the reality, everyone has a smartphone theses days which gives you direct access to clients new and existing ones. It makes branding your business easier and all you need is a website to give access to those wanting and needing your product. Here at we help you to achieve that mission!

The New School CORVID-19

Most of our big systems don’t have this sort of backup. Now, however, we’re not only going to have to construct a backup to get through this crisis, but we’re going to have to develop new, permanent systems, redesigned to meet the needs which have been so glaringly exposed in this crisis.

For example, we have always had large gaps in students’ learning opportunities after school, weekends, and in the summer. Disadvantaged students suffer the consequences of those gaps more than affluent children, who typically have lots of opportunities to fill in those gaps. I’m hoping that we can learn some things through this crisis about online delivery of not only instruction, but an array of opportunities for learning and support.

Paul Revine


Read the story here: Harvard Gazette

There are many Hot Spot solutions Today We check out Simple Wireless

Reviewing Hot Spot solutions as a person who is hard of hearing it’s easy to recognize the need for a good mobile HOT SPOT. The technology allows for 5 – 10 devices. For hearing impaired people the device is critical to our daily operations from powering our transcribe communication to making a call with caption or video captioning those priceless moments

Myself, I hate visiting an office or place of business that has insufficient wifeless service and my smart phone can’t connect for my transcribe service and can’t understand what people are saying or need to make a call in a dead zone. Simple Mobile Mobile Hot Spot eliminates that issue….


Why we choose Zooman

A few years ago I read in horror of a youth in the Kinston, NC community being killed by what some believe was a rouge cop. Many called for justice for this young man. He could have been my son or any of many. In the time since the details have become lost, but the many incidents since then have remained the same. Another incident within the community evolved a high school student, who was not killed by a cop but someone in the community  as his former High School band teacher employed all local organizations to keep our youth busy. He stated. “When he was with me, he was safe!”

The names have changed as well as the locations, but still another Black Man is dead!

About 1 in 1,000 black men and boys in America can expect to die at the hands of police, according to a new analysis of deaths involving law enforcement officers. That makes them 2.5 times more likely than white men and boys to die during an encounter with cops.

The analysis also showed that Latino men and boys, black women and girls and Native American men, women and children are also killed by police at higher rates than their white peers. But the vulnerability of black males was particularly striking


Police departments, especially in urban jurisdictions, are often called on to quell outbreaks of serious violence such as sudden increases in homicides, aggravated assaults and robberies. Inner-city residents and their children usually suffer the most serious harm when violent crime waves occur. Unfortunately, due to a long history of exclusion from important economic and social opportunities, residents of disadvantaged urban neighborhoods are primarily minorities and often black. Research has long documented that most violence occurs within racial groups and that black Americans, often victimized by black offenders, experience disproportionately high levels of violent crime. The term “black-on-black” violence, while statistically correct, is a simplistic and emotionally charged definition of urban violence that can be problematic when used by political commentators, politicians and police executives.

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How to invest

10 investors (groups) of $1,000.00

For more better understanding read this article from the LA TIMES


Below are pictures of our initial meeting for the cast and part crew for Colored  Girls!

Initial night of cast meeting Colored Girls






The below poster was the Major cause of Mutiny of cast and Mr. Raines as he insisted that he have full control and this poster should be used for its color. ( unacceptable to myself and Charles Hanibal)


Image suggested by Clay Raines

This was the poster we had designed by Darell Jorner!

Poster Design Darell Joyner


Mission: to develop opportunities for community theatre that incorporates professional and semi-professional artist and individuals in the area of the arts and technology. To provide entertainment opportunities that enriches lives and brings about a better community. To promote the importance of computer technology awareness, training and accessibility to help bridge the digital divide within our community at large!